How Electronic Cigarettes Are Constructed?

When you light a traditional cigarette, the tobacco inside it burns and releases nicotine and smoke. The smoke is inhaled by the smoker and delivered to their lungs. This is a combustion process.

However, with an electronic cigarette, the liquid nicotine is heated up and becomes a mist or vapor that is inhaled by the smoker. Some electronic cigarettes are designed where that vapor comes from a cartridge. Others are designed with a manual switch to activate the internal vaporizer.

The 3 Parts Of An Electronic Cigarette:

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Vapor Chamber
  • The Cartridge

how ecigs work

The electronic cigarette is powered by the rechargeable battery and can be charged in the same manner as a cell phone. Once the battery is charged up, it is connected to the vapor chamber which is a hollow tube that houses the atomizer and the electronic controls. The atomizer is what generates the vapor. The smoker then attaches a liquid nicotine filled cartridge to the chamber. Cat cartridge tip is the mouthpiece for the device.

The smoker can inhale on the electronic cigarette the same manner they do a traditional cigarette which activates the atomizer. This heats up the liquid which then turns into vapor. The smoker inhales that vapor and the nicotine is then delivered to the lungs. When the smoker exhales, that creates what is like cigarette smoke.

Same Enjoyment for Smokers But With Flavor

Those who have smoked traditional cigarettes say the enjoyment is very similar with the electronic cigarette. From the way the smoker holds the inhale and exhale process. There are electronic cigarettes that have a tip which lights up when inhaling by way of a LED light, giving it the appearance of a real flame. he end that lights up when the user inhales, simulating a flame.

The liquid inside the cartridge is normally propylene glycol, a FDA approved additive, same as that used in fog machines on stages. These cartridges come with various levels of nicotine, the intended reason is to help a smoker slowly wean themselves from smoking. These cartridges come with assorted flavors that include apple, cherry, chocolate, mint, even woodsy flavors.

Where Do You Find Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are available in retail establishments as well as online in a wide range of brands and models. There are several brands and each one has various models at a wide range of price points. Some look much like a tobacco cigarettes and others mimic that of cigars or pipes.

One cartridge will usually last the same as a standard package of 20 traditional cigarettes and are sold for around $10. Or you can buy bottles of the liquid and refill your own cartridge, even mixing flavors for custom tastes.

Which Is Safer – Electronic or Traditional?

While the electronic cigarettes are more affordable, not to mention fun, the debate is still up as to whether they are safe or not. Manufacturers promote the products as being a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco. But research has experts second guessing that.e-cig vs tobacco


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