Everything A Beginning Vaper Needs To Know About E-Juices

Ask anyone that has tried to quit smoking cigarettes – it is difficult and most likely, the most difficult things they’ve ever done. Today though, there are many alternatives to quit smoking that beat going cold turkey, and that are better than nicotine gum or nicotine patches too.

We’re talking about electronic cigarettes or otherwise referred to as vaping. These are electronic devices, powered by a rechargeable battery, that is filled with a flavored liquid or juice mixed with nicotine. The juice or liquids is inhaled through the electronic cigarette, known as a vaporizer, and is said to be safer than traditional cigarettes in regard to your health. If you are looking for e-juices available in the UK market, keep reading this article.

Many people will use these electronic cigarettes to wean themselves off traditional tobacco and eventually stop altogether. Others will switch from traditional to electronic because they still get their “fix” but safer. And others will switch back and forth between traditional and electronic, using the vape style in restaurants or other public areas where smoking is prohibited (which leads to a whole other topic that we’ve covered here before and probably will again).

Before You Start Vaping

Before start vaping, there are some things that can be confusing, and the focus of this piece is to provide you some clarity and information on those things. Such as determining how strong of a liquid you should use when it comes to the nicotine level. It would make sense that a heavy smoker of traditional cigarettes will need a strong nicotine liquid at first, then cut it down slowly over time if the goal is to quit smoking altogether.

Vaping Is Better – But Why?

Vaping is good for the person that has smoked for a long time because it provides a transition that is seamless. It provides an avenue to live a healthier lifestyle because of several other benefits that we’ve listed here:

Fewer Chemicals

Vaping is the choice of many smokers because it still provides them a nicotine satisfaction with filling their lungs with the chemical pollution that traditional cigarettes do.

E-Juice does not contain the cancer-causing chemicals that traditional cigarettes do like ammonia and tar. While e-juice isn’t 100% chemical free, they don’t have near as much as traditional cigarettes to, which has been estimated as much as 4,000 chemicals.

Passive Smoking

Tobacco cigarettes can negatively affect those around you as well as yourself with what is known as second-hand smoke. Studies have found that people that have never used tobacco suffer effects for smoking when they live or work with others that do smoke. E-juice doesn’t release those harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes do, as such, they aren’t harming anyone around them.

How To Get Started

The best way to get started with vaping is to purchase your own electronic cigarette starter kit. There are handy packs available with a electronic cigarette, battery charger and an assortment of e-juices. You will find when it comes time to purchase more e-juice the list of flavors goes on and on, so start by choosing a cross selection of flavors in small quantity. Try several different ones until you find your favorite.

The Nicotine Strength

Once you have found the flavor you like, you’ll want to determine the nicotine strength best for you. If you’re turning to vaping to help you quit smoking, you’ll want to lower your level of nicotine over a period of time. For example, a 20-year veteran smoker will need a stronger level of nicotine at first compared to a 2-year smoker. It may take you a round or two to determine the strength that satisfies you and eases your cravings.

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